DDOS attacks

We are experiencing ddos attacks on some of our shared hosting IPs. Due to the massive size of the attack we are reliant upon our uplink providers to mitigate the attack. Affected services include our shared hosting network, dedicated and VPS servers are not affected. Our uplink providers have applied a ddos vacuum on our IP space and services are ... Читать далее »

5 Sep 2018
Emergency Hardware Replacement

At approximately 11:30 pm on 6/26/2018 a portion of our shared hosting network experienced an interruption caused by a faulty switch. Administrators were dispatched to the data center and replaced the faulty hardware without incident. Our team is investigating the root cause of this hardware failure further, and are working with the vendor. We ... Читать далее »

26 Июн 2018
PHP 7 hosting is now available on all Plesk servers

PHP 7 brings with it major speed improvements over its predecessors. To activate PHP 7 hosting, login to your Plesk panel and click the Hosting Settings icon. On that page you can select PHP 7 and apply the new setting. Please be aware that many PHP applications are not yet compatible with PHP 7. We have tested WordPress and it works very well. ... Читать далее »

8 Янв 2016
Joomla SQL Injection Flaw - Please update your Joomla sites

Joomla has just issued a patch that fixes a SQL injection vulnerability discovered by a researcher at Trustwave SpiderLabs. The flaw allowed malicious users to extract a browser cookie assigned to a Joomla site administrator, giving them access to restricted parts of a Joomla site. The flaw first appeared in Joomla 3.2, released in November, 2013. ... Читать далее »

26 Окт 2015
We're now accepting Bitcoins

Along with Credit cards, Amazon and PayPal payments, we are now accepting Bitcoins, the digital P2P currency as a payment method for new and existing orders. When buying Web Hosting services from DataPacket, choose Bitcoin for your payment method. Existing customers can click on a due invoice and select Bitcoin from the drop-down payment ... Читать далее »

23 Май 2014
Beware of fake FileZilla FTP client

FileZilla has an evil twin that steals FTP logins. Maliciously modified versions of the popular FTP application FileZilla look and act just like the real thing, but include extra code that steals the login data typed in by users and sends it to an unauthorized server using the same FTP operation launched by the user without going through a ... Читать далее »

28 Янв 2014
Network Maintenance Notice - 14:00 GMT+8 on Friday January 17

Upstream Network Maintenance. Details of Maintenance: We have been notified of scheduled upstream maintenance for the PCCW/BTN network that will impact connections through this upstream during the maintenance window listed above. Some network instability and suboptimal routing may occur during the scheduled window as our traffic is rerouted ... Читать далее »

13 Янв 2014
[VPS hosting] cPanel Security Updates Issued

cPanel has released the following security updates. If you have an unmanaged VPS server and are using it for cPanel hosting please update your installation. The following cPanel & WHM versions address all known vulnerabilities: * & Greater * & Greater * & Greater * & Greater Читать далее »

16 Дек 2013
Roundcube Webmail is now available to WebsitePanel users

Roundcube Webmail is now available to WebsitePanel users in addition to Squirrelmail. WebsitePanel users can access webmail options by using "http://mail.domain.com/webmail". (Replace domain.com with your actual domain).Roundcube webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full ... Читать далее »

8 Окт 2013
Scheduled Maintenance: Atlanta Data Center, October 8, 2013

One of our bandwidth providers has notified us of scheduled maintenance on October 8, 2013 between 3:00 AM/6:00 AM EDT to upgrade their network architecture. The service interruption is expected to last less than 15 minutes. During the maintenance, you may notice sub-optimal routing as our network automatically routes traffic to through other ... Читать далее »

2 Окт 2013