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In order to launch a Website on the World Wide Web, you must have a place for your site to reside. Like a doorway in cyberspace, Web hosting is the passage that welcomes visitors to your site from the far reaches of the Internet. Whether you are seeking a low cost Web presence or a scalable application platform, look no further.

Web Hosting Plans
Affordable, Fast and Reliable!

Our cPanel hosting plans offer the performance, features and reliability you desire at a price anyone can afford. cPanel is the leading control panel for Linux, providing a fully featured hosting platform. Save money and take control by switching your sites today.

Always-on, always-secure servers. DataPacket brings you the ultimate server uptime with the help of KernelCare! Security patches are installed as soon as they are released, without the need for a reboot or downtime for the safest Linux environment.

Utilize the power of Plesk Onyx, Microsoft Windows Server and Internet Information Server (“IIS”) to make your web sites come alive. DataPacket’s Windows hosting plans are an economical and flexible Web solution that are packed with features. All Windows hosting plans include powerful ASP.NET hosting with SQL Server, PHP hosting and MySQL databases.

Plesk Onyx is the leading Windows Hosting control panel with an intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and WordPress Toolkit. Everything you need to manage your account and develop websites are at your fingertips.

Clustered web hosting is a type of technology that spreads the load of your website across multiple physical machines increasing availability and speed while decreasing the chances of a catastrophic event that could result in prolonged down time or data loss.

Many large websites run on clustered hosting including the DataPacket website. Sites using our clustered servers for PHP hosting and MySQL databases experience an amazing performance boost as the sites are load balanced on multiple Web and Database servers.


$ 3.95 /mo
  • A Popular Choice for PHP Driven Websites.
  • Instant Activation


$ 7.95 /mo
  • The De Facto Standard for Advanced Applications.
  • Instant Activation


$ 9.95 /mo
  • Load Balanced Across Multiple servers.
  • Instant Activation
No one takes hosting as seriously as DataPacket. Since 2001 we have invested considerable money, time and effort in providing fully redundant networks, storage and hosting platforms for our valuable hosting customers. At DataPacket, it’s our goal to present the best hosting solutions available today. Our state-of-the-art servers, extensive global IP networks and highly skilled hosting experts will ensure that you receive a powerful and reliable hosting experience. 

Hosting Plan Comparison

Additional options are available during checkout, including our unlimited clustered hosting plans.

Hosting Plans cPanel Plesk Clustered
Operating SystemCentOS LinuxWindows ServerDebian Linux
Control PanelcPanelPlesk OnyxISPConfig
Web SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited25 GB
Bandwidth / TransferUnlimitedUnlimited2500 GB
Sites / DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited5
Email / FTP / DatabasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Script InstallerSoftaculousPlesk OnyxSoftaculous
Free SSLAuto SSL (cPanel)Let’s EncryptLet’s Encrypt
PHP 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1Version SelectorVersion Selector5.6
Java WARIncludedIncluded-
ASP.NET 4.7 / Core / MVC-Included-
ASP (Active Server Pages)-Included-
Microsoft SQL Server 2016-Included-
MySQL / MariaDBIncludedIncludedIncluded

MTA Pro™ Intelligent Spam Protection

Take back your Inbox and gain productivity. The spam filters provided by cPanel and Plesk are largely ineffective at fighting the latest spam trends, so we set out to solve that problem and found MTA Pro.

"MTA Pro™ is the absolute best SPAM fighting weapon that the world has ever known!"

MTA Pro is included at no extra charge.


Reliability, Support and Advanced Technology... DataPacket Delivers!

We know that you cannot afford to be let down. That is why we make commitments to our customers in the form of a 30 day money back guarantee and 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Superior Service and Support

Started in 2001, DataPacket is one of the world’s oldest and largest Web hosting companies. Our vast knowledge and experience allow us to provide you with superior service and support.

Latest Technology 

By hosting with DataPacket you will receive the latest hardware & software. DataPacket deploys high-performance Intel powered 64-bit servers from Tier 4 data centers across the globe, all connected to our global IP network.

At DataPacket, we give you personal service with a distinctive touch. If you desire competitive value and superior performance, we have a hosting solution for you.
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