Network Tools

Free Network Tools for Webmasters, Data Center Operations, Web Hosts and IT Technicians.

Network Tools

What is a Host Lookup?

The HOST tool is a utility for performing DNS lookups. The Host tool is used for domain name to IP addresses lookup and vice versa.

What is NSLookup?

The NSLOOKUP tool is used to query name servers. The Nslookup tool allows a name server query for information about various hosts and domains or to display a list of hosts in a domain.

What is Ping?

The PING tool uses the ICMP protocol to display latency from a host or gateway.

What is Traceroute?

The TRACEROUTE tool tracks the network route from one host to another giving you a visual display of the path. The Traceroute tool also displays the latency response from each gateway along the path.

What is Whois?

The WHOIS tool displays the domain name registrant information of a domain name.