CyberPanel is a Web hosting platform for Linux built around OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Cache. It’s a web based control panel that makes administration tasks easier and fun at the same time. It’s also Free!

One impressive feature of CyberPanel is the LiteSpeed WordPress cache plugin that allows you to boost the performance of your WordPress sites out of the box.

  • OpenLiteSpeed – OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP Server.CyberPanel
  • LiteSpeed Cache – The LiteSpeed WordPress cache plugin can be installed to enable caching out of the box.
  • Multiple PHP – Run multiple version of PHP with the LSAPI PHP module.
  • AUTO SSL – Free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt.

Easily manage sites and services. Domains, Users, Mail, DNS, Databases, SSL, Backups and Firewall rules can all be managed by CyberPanel.

CyberPanel is an ideal interface for VPS Hosting and Dedicated servers. If you want to run your own server with CyberPanel contact us today to get started.


CyberPanel Installation

If you already have a server, installation of CyberPanel is fairly easy. Follow these steps!

Installation must run as root or super user. To avoid conflicts disable Selinux.


  • Centos 7.x
  • Python 2.7
  • 512MB or above Ram
  • 10GB Disk Space


From your command line run the following as a single command:

sh <(curl || wget -O -


After a successful installation you can access CyberPanel by using the details below:

Visit: https:<IP Address>:8090
Username: admin
Password: 1234567