cheap dedicated servers

High-Performance Dedicated Servers with an amazing price! How do we do it? Let’s take a look.

Great prices: We entered the dedicated server market by breaking the price barrier on high quality hosting services. We set out to create a new meaning to the concept of Cheap dedicated server hosting. Affordability has made us #1, and it will continue to be our focus as we expand and improve our services. Grab your server Today, starting at only $29.95/mo.

Fast service: Some dedicated hosting providers don’t begin setting up customers’ servers until days after they’ve received the orders. Here at DataPacket, we wouldn’t dream of asking you to wait! We make sure your new server is ready for use within hours of sign up.

Rock solid infrastructure: The reliability of our technology platform is essential to our ability to offer low prices and fast service. Our network consists of three separate data centers. Two that are within the USA and one in Canada. All have massive and redundant connections to the Internet through various Teir-1 Internet service providers. Our data centers feature redundant UPS, A/C and generator backup systems.

Maximum customer control: We believe that you, our customer, should be in charge of every aspect of the hosting relationship. We do not require contracts. Our support is available 24/7/365 via Live chat, email, and ticket system. And we’re all ears if there are additional services you need. You can reach us any time!

We look forward to welcoming you to the DataPacket family. We’ll take excellent care of you! Your new server is a few clicks away– what are you waiting for?