datapacket reviews

DataPacket Reviews

How are you liking our product or services? We’ve been working hard to build high quality Web hosting services for our customers. We’ve listened to comments and concerns that our clients have passed along and integrated them into how we do business.

managed hosting

Managed VPS & Dedicated Servers

We become an extension of your team. DataPacket’s managed hosting services are customized specifically for your Web hosting needs and enable you to maintain control while offloading routine administrative tasks to our technical experts. Whether you want to run your own cPanel server for virtual hosting or if you want to host your WordPress site on your own server, we have a managed hosting plan to suit your needs with pricing starting at $49.95/mo.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

VPS vs Shared Hosting

Many people reach a point in their Web development where they would like to get a Website running or are considering upgrading from a shared Web hosting account to VPS hosting. There are several factors that need to be considered, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Do you have experience with Linux? Server management?