3 tips to protect your WordPress Site

WordPress, once only popular among bloggers has grown into the Web’s top platform of choice and can be used for almost any type of site. Blogs, News and Ecommerce sites now utilize WordPress. Unfortunately, as it gained popularity it also became a target of hackers. Here are 3 simple tips to protect your WordPress Site.

  1. Keep WordPress updated –¬†WordPress is not a “set it, and forget it” platform. Many site owners create a WordPress site and never think about it again until it’s too late. When a WordPress update is released it’s highly recommended that you update as soon as possible.
  2. Keep plugins to a minimum – The majority of WordPress exploits occur through Free third party plugins. These third party plugins do not receive security audits by the developers of WordPress, so they open a security hole when they’re installed. If you must use a plugin keep it updated.
  3. Free Themes – Third party themes also present another security hole. We recommend that you stay away from Free third party themes.

It’s important to understand that WordPress exploits occur through poorly-written PHP code. No matter how strong the security is of your WordPress hosting provider, it will not protect you from all PHP code exploits. After all, it’s the job of the Web server to execute the code. Limiting the use of third party PHP code via plugins and themes will keep your site safe.

These simple tips should keep your WordPress site running smooth for years to come.